Saturday, April 30, 2005

More election fun

Ever thought that there was no point in voting for your favourite political party because there was no chance of them getting in? Well, the the tactical voter website provides an interesting way to make your vote count by swapping it with someone else. The webiste describes how it works as follows:

In the past, a Liberal Democrat in a seat where his party were running third and had no prospect of winning had two choices: vote LibDem, knowing his vote would be thrown away; or vote tactically for the Labour Party to try and prevent a Conservative from winning.

Vote swapping offers a new option: use the Internet to find a Labour supporter stranded somewhere Labour can't win, and make a pact to "swap" votes, support each other's parties and have the best chance of beating the Conservatives in both seats.

That way, you get a tactical vote for your party in exchange: two votes that can make a difference instead of two votes that are thrown away.

Vote swapping has a long history, for more details see this article.


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