Thursday, January 06, 2005

Disc Stakka CD and DVD Management System

While flicking through the latest MSDN Magazine, an advert for Imations's Disc Stakka caught my eye. This is a USB device that lets you archive up to 100 CDs/DVDs in a single box. The disks are mounted when requested, and it's fully integrated into Windows Explorer so you never have to touch the disks once they're loaded. If you need to store more than 100 disks, you can daisy-chain up to five boxes to store up to 500 disks in one big stack.

Imation are currently marketing it specifically to MSDN subscribers, and they seems to have a special utility to import the MSDN indexes (I guess to save you from typing in reams of reference information). However, I think that the ability to have a large number of CDs or DVDs online without having to physically get them out of their packets could be very useful.


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